Carol Ehler Dance School

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Available Classes

BALLET/TAP COMBINATION class is available for pre-school through middle school age children. A combo class consist of ballet and tap for 3-7 year olds. Most 3-4 year old beginner classes are 45 minutes long and lengthen to an hour after the first year of dance. 

BALLET is based on a formal, classical technique, characterized by movements of grace, precision and fluidity. Technique learned in ballet will be used by the student in all other dance classes. We strongly recommend ballet for all students.

TAP is a form of dance where metal taps on the ball and heel of the shoe are used to produce a choreographed rhythm. Basic tap steps are used in different combinations and variations to achieve a pattern of rhythm. Degree of difficulty, speed, and complexity of rhythm and patterns advance with the dancer's level.

JAZZ is based on the steps, principles, and techniques taught in ballet class. Proper ballet training is essential to a jazz dancer. Jazz is a very popular, high-energy form of dance using upbeat music. A jazz class is a combination of total body movements including isolation, kicks, leaps, jumps, and turns.

LYRICAL is based on ballet technique that blends the styles of ballet and jazz. The objective of lyrical dancing is to express the emotion and feelings created by the lyrics and mood of a piece of music. The prerequisite for lyrical is extensive ballet training. Students must be enrolled in a ballet class to take lyrical.  Students must be able to draw on their own emotions and feelings for expression, therefore, we do not offer lyrical to students younger than eleven.

PRE-POINTE is a class for beginning pointe students with extensive ballet training. Classes are offered only to those students who have accomplished the basic principles of ballet technique, and are physically developed in their feet, ankles, and legs for pointe work. Students must be enrolled in a ballet class to take pre-pointe.

POINTE is a continuation of pre-pointe for students who have demonstrated an understanding of the concepts and basic technique, and are physically capable of developing new skills. Students must be enrolled in a ballet class to take pointe.

HIP HOP is a high energy class that uses the latest hip-hop, R&B, and pop music mixed with movements influenced from music videos. Hip Hop incorporates elements of popping, locking, and breaking as well as freestyle movements to give students the confidence to develop their own sense of style.
CONTEMPORARY is an expressive form of dance that includes ballet, jazz, and lyrical movements. This style of dance expresses emotion with a modern edge. 
JUMPS & TURNS is a technique based class that focuses on improving the skills learned in jazz class and helps prepare students for more advanced levels of dance. 
DRILL TEAM PREP is a class offered to students who are planning on trying out for drill team who haven't had a lot of previous dance experience. This class helps to improve flexibility and jazz technique that is required by most high school drill teams.